Dody's Dresses selects gowns from the most exclusive internationally acclaimed couture-designers. 

 Feriani Couture

Feriani Couture embraces femininity by combining the most exquisite fabrics in creating absolutely breath-taking gowns.  This designer's intricate use of aesthetically appealing sequin and embellishments combined with the finest lace fabrics produces truly stunning gowns that certainly flatter all women.


In the past 13 years Janique has become one of the leading designers and producers of stylish, sophisticated evening wear in the world, it is renowned for its innovative quirky style, quality workmanship and exceptional fit as well as its meticulous attention to detail.The designs are sought after and much desired in Hollywood as well as boutiques and stores around the world with an international appeal. Each collection balances feminine details with a seductive sensibility. Kourosh works in his showroom in Manhattan with his family, who helm the business side of the worldwide brand.

 Mac Duggal

The Mac Duggal brand is positioned at the high end of the women's special occasion dress market and includes eleven different collections driven by Designer Mac Duggal's artistic, modern and luxurious design with couture-inspired fit and sizing. Mac Duggal's designs are spotlighted, worn and coveted by fashionistas and trendsetters alike.  From adorning actresses Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Beal and Cybil Shepherd to headlining the stage on Tina Turner, Bette Midler and Aretha Franklin, from guest segments on Jersey Couture and My Fair Wedding to appearances on the big screen in Country Strong, Titanic and Oceans 11 and crowning achievements on Miss America and Miss USA -- the brand has gained significant media prominence and celebrity buzz. Designer Mac Duggal won the DIVA 1998 Fashion Award for Designer of The Year in the Prom/Pageant category and has been the featured brand on the covers of Teen Prom, Pageantry Magazine and Seventeen Magazine.

 Morrell Maxie

Morrell Maxie has been nationally and internationally recognized for their distinguished excellence in prom and special occasion dresses. With a talented team of designers who are dedicated to creating one of a kind designs with chic details, Morrell Maxie is always ahead at predicting upcoming trends and always stands apart from other designers with its luxurious fabrics and prints with couture hand-beading, pleating and ruching. Morrell Maxie is dedicated to giving you the most exceptional fitting garment possible. Morrell Maxie Prom and special occasion gowns will turn heads from every angel!

 Tarik Ediz

Tarik Ediz is an internationally-acclaimed Turkish designer, famous for his truly original and unique designs.  Tarik Ediz's lavish gowns are carefully constructed in Istanbul, Turkey with the most valuable and ornate material flattering women of all shapes and sizes.  Tarik Ediz's distinctive and sophisticated designs produce the most high-end gowns perfect for fashionistas and everyday women looking to make a grand-enterance. 


Saboroma has turned the fantasy world of dreamy designs into reality by creating access to a now existing world filled with uniquely, flawless gowns. Women close their eyes and fantasize about wearing a gratifying gown that usually exists for as long as the imagination may flow. Over the years, it has become evident that Saboroma grants access to those imaginative fantasies through their unique designs. With Saboroma, fashion fantasies have become true realities.