Your Story is Our Story

Finally! After shopping for hours, and sometimes days, you’ve found the closest thing to a perfect gown, you slip it on, ready to make your grand-entrance, step into the party and realize you’re looking at your best-friend, sister-in-law, and that-girl-you-can’t-remember-her-name sharing your spotlight in the same exact gown.   Luckily for you, founder, world-traveler, artist, and mother, Duha Khaddash, realized the agony of such problems when her daughters, Dana, a teacher, and Shahed, a filmmaker, would drag her from shop-to-shop in search of the perfect one-of-a-kind piece.   Strolling through The Big Apple, daunted by sayings like This quality is terrible! Everyone has this dress! This color is so boring!  Duha found herself on Fashion Ave when her aesthetic lens led her to walk into the high-end dress designers in Manhattan.   Stunned by rivetting gowns that she had never seen in the top-notch department stores, Duha made personal connections with these talented designers and decided to provide an international-online-shop, Dody’s Dresses, where women like her and her daughters could have access to the treasures of The Big Apple.  


Quality, style, and attainability is the name of the game.   International-shoppers, Duha, Dana, and Shahed have refined an eclectic style and an eye for exquisite quality that is used when hand-selecting each piece.  Understanding the difficulty in purchasing online,  pieces are selectively chosen based on the best combination of size, material, and style, remedying the worry of Will this dress fit me right? Many times, online-shops must order gowns from the designers after you have already placed your order, this process could be unreliable and many times takes days.  Understanding this dilemma, every gown on Dody’s Dresses is housed in New Jersey and can be shipped over-night in the United States, excluding holidays and days the post-office is closed, making it faster and more reliable than any other online shop.  Shipping is included for all United States shipments!  Professionals Duha, Dana, and Shahed understand the price of having lavish taste and therefore, have provided you with the most competitive prices for these elegant gowns; making this your go-to shop!


Having shopped hundreds of designers and stores for the perfect gowns, Dody’s Dresses founders are absolutely ecstatic to provide you with your perfect gown for your special occasion.  Start shopping today, your flawless fit is waiting for you!

Show-off your grand-entrance and be a part of Dody’s Dresses by sending a photo to of your Dody Moment, which will be featured on our blog.  The compliments will certainly be endless!


 Dody's Dresses is an authorized retailer of all designers listed on the site.