Saboroma believes that evening gowns are magical costumes that enable a woman to take a step into the shining world of fairy tales and feel as though she's a goddess. Saboroma has created those grounds. It has turned the fantasy world of dreamy designs into reality by creating access to a now existing world filled with uniquely, flawless gowns. Women close their eyes and fantasize about wearing a gratifying gown that usually exists for as long as the imagination may flow. Over the years, it has become evident that Saboroma grants access to those imaginative fantasies through their unique designs. With Saboroma, fashion fantasies have become true realities. 

The Saboroma team has been providing excellent service to this world of existing fairy tales for over thirty five years. We prioritize in customer satisfaction by the belief that our unique collections are designed with efforts to fulfill every woman’s sense of beauty and charm. We know that the quality of our products is the biggest indication of the value that we can place in the hands of our customers.


Welcome to the glittering world of Saboroma where fashion fantasies become true realities.

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